Palm Pals Ebi Shrimp Sushi Plush


Introducing Palm Pals Ebi Shrimp Sushi Plush Toy, the newest addition to Aurora's highly sought-after Palm Pals Collection. This delightful plush toy is made of premium white and pink materials and filled with beans for a soft and cuddly feel. The design features a smiling rice ball topped with a prawn, perfect for any fan of Japanese cuisine. Palm Pals Ebi Shrimp Sushi Plush Toy is part of the Palm Pals Craving Collection, one of the many charming collections available from Palm Pals, including Aquatic, Pets, Zoo, Sports, and more. These collections are known for their irresistible cuteness and stunning designs.


Palm Pals Soft Toy measures 13cm.

Palm Pals make great gifts for any occasion, everyone will fall in love with this little hamster.

Suitable from birth