Marvel Carnage


Dive into the chaos with the Marvel Carnage Plush, the perfect fusion of cuddly and chaotic for every Marvel fan! Officially licensed, this Carnage plush embodies the spirit of the infamous symbiote with its vibrant red color, menacing grin, and tendrils ready for a plushy rampage. Crafted with precision and passion, this plush captures the essence of the Marvel supervillain, making it a thrilling addition to your collection. The Carnage Plush is not just a toy; it's a symbiotic masterpiece designed for both play and display. Created from high-quality materials, this plush promises durability and huggable comfort. Limited availability, so seize the chance to own your slice of Marvel mayhem! Embrace the darker side of the Marvel universe and bring home the Carnage Plush today. Unleash the chaos, cuddle in style, and let Carnage reign in plush perfection!iverse.

Approx. 12"/30CM

Official Merchandise!