Steiff Barny Braunbaer Teddy Bear


Delight in the enchanting embrace of the Steiff Barny Braunbaer from Soft Cuddly Friends collection. This officially licensed plush, meticulously crafted by the renowned Steiff brand, introduces Barny, a cuddly bear that radiates charm and comfort. Limited in edition and high in demand, this Steiff creation exemplifies the whimsical spirit of the Soft Cuddly Friends line, showcasing the brand's unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship. With rich brown hues, a huggable texture, and intricate detailing, Barny is a delightful addition to any plush collection. Ideal for enthusiasts of all ages, this limited-edition bear seamlessly blends aesthetics and comfort, making it the perfect cuddly companion. Whether displayed as a cherished collectible or embraced for its snuggly appeal, the Steiff Barny Braunbaer from Soft Cuddly Friends promises to bring joy into every moment. Don't miss the opportunity to own this exclusive plush that embodies the perfect convergence of Steiff's expertise and the irresistible charm of Barny. Grab yours today and experience the enchanting world of Soft Cuddly Friends!

Yellow label with famous Steiff stainless steel button in the ear.

Colour: Brown

Approx Size: 22cm

Machine washable 30°C